Connects games to your smart device

Play games on a ConnectedGames surface and all your playing piece moves get relayed to your PC, smartphone or tablet automatically.

Your PC is the ultimate referee

What more could you want from a Dungeon Master (DM) other than to apply the rules consistently, fairly and completely without influence or favour?

Play online against opponents from around the world

Whether playing realtime or turn-based via email, you'll always have an opponent available, whatever the time of day (or night).

Works with your existing tabletop miniatures

It's quick and easy to make your existing miniatures compatible with the ConnectedGames contact-free playing surface.

Faster gameplay with automatic dice modifiers

Applying modifiers, working out fifteen different calculations then looking up the results of different dice rolls is a pain. Not any more!

Background soundtrack and spot SFX

There's nothing like a good, atmospheric sound track to rack up the tension. Our audio tracks respond to what's happening in your game.